Keelboat Taste of Sailing

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 Irish Sailing (IS) Recognised Course

Keelboat Training

Keelboat Taste of Sailing (1 day)

This course introduces you to the basics of sailing. It is the perfect introduction to decide if sailing is a hobby you wish to pursue and invest in or just an experience to say that you’ve tried.

Introduction to keel-boat sailing is theory free – what a blissful way to learn, just hands on experience, under the guidance of a professional skipper.

  • No experience necessary!
  • Guided 6 hour sailing experience
  • All ages and abilities welcome
  • All equipment provided.

Hop aboard for a wonderful sailing experience with a group of your close friends or family. The emphasis is to get you out on the water, and experience the wind and how to adjust the sails to move the boat efficiently and safey – while all the time having fun!

Under the guidance of a professional skipper, you will set sail within the stunning sheltered harbour of Malahide, you will explore the outer reaches of Malahide Harbour and Fingal Bay and the beginning of the Irish Sea. 

Course Details

No prior experience or knowledge is required.

  • Clothing – What to wear afloat and why.
  • Ropework – We get you up and running with some basic knots.
  • Rigging – How to put the boat together.
  • Weather – What’s good to get out in and ultimately what to avoid!
  • Setting the sails.
  • Steering – getting to grips with the tiller!
  • Wind Direction – how to determine where the wind is coming from.
  • Upwind, downwind and sailing at 90° to the wind!

Certification:  IS Taste of Sailing Certification

Course Duration: 1 day