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International Certificate of Competency


Fancy skippering a boat this Summer? Read on to see how the MAST can help you achieve this goal! There are severals steps involved in the training process, and these are outlined below.

Charter Requirements:

The ICC allows the holder to voyage internationally in the coastal waters of a country which has accepted UN Resolution No. 40.

The aim of the ICC is to provide boat owners and people wishing to charter boats abroad with an internationally recognised document certifying their competence to skipper a boat for recreational use. An ICC cannot be issued to the holder of a shorebased course certificate only, or a practical certificate from another jurisdiction.

Each charter company will outline their requirements for charter, but it is recommended to check specifically what is needed in the intended destination.

Steps for SAILING Qualification:

  1. Competent Crew Course
  2. Day Skipper Theory Course (Shorebased)
  3. Day Skipper Practical Course (Waterbased)

Steps for POWERBOAT Qualification:

  1. Introduction to Powerboating (Level 1)
  2. National Powerboat Course (Level 2)
  3. Recommended: Advanced Powerboat Course

Application for an ICC

Irish Sailing is responsible for the issuing of ICC’s in Ireland. Upon completion of your course, you will receive your course completion certificate. This demonstrates your competency requirements for applying for the ICC and the next steps can be accessed by clicking the Irish Sailing guide here . Guide to the ICC

Direct Assessments:

Direct assessments are available for skippers who have the required experience and logged hours, but not the qualifications.