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CEVNI Inland Waterways – next exam date: 22nd March ’24!

CEVNI (Code Européen des Voies de la Navigation Intérieure) is the code governing navigation on the interconnected European inland waterways and is the basis of the various countries’ own regulations. Signs, rules and procedures for navigating the European inland waterways are all included within the CEVNI code and in the same way as pleasure craft on coastal waters are expected to abide by the COLREGS, pleasure craft on the inland waterways of Europe, which in places are heavily utilised by commercial traffic are expected to know and follow the CEVNI code.

  • If you require an ICC endorsed for use on inland waters, you must learn the CEVNI code and sit the CEVNI test.
  • The CEVNI test is a short multiple-choice paper
  • The CEVNI endorsed ICC is issued by Irish Sailing.
  • Inland certificates will be issued to candidates who have demonstrated an appropriate knowledge of  CEVNI

ICC/CEVNI will be issued by Irish Sailing upon receipt of the appropriate application form and subject to the conditions laid down below.

  • Persons over the age of 16 years.
  • Persons who have demonstrated that they are physically and mentally fit to operate a pleasure craft.
  • Persons who are Irish Nationals or persons who have an Irish Residential address.

The MAST Centre would be happy to run a pre-asessment preparation for anyone who feels they would benefit by doing one before undertaking the actual assessment.

The MAST Centre can arrange the CEVNI test on site.