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Irish Sailing Advanced Powerboat Certificate – NEXT COURSE 25-26TH MARCH, 2024

The 2-day Advanced Powerboat Certificate training course focuses on honing your boat handling and seamanship skills while also teaching practical navigation skills in both day time and night time conditions.

The Advanced Powerboat Certificate also allows you to apply for the Commercial Endorsement‘. The Commercial Endorsement qualifies you to act as master or crew on vessels holding Passenger Boat licences as required by the Department of Transport. 

Course Objective:

The aim of the Advanced Powerboat Course is to develop boat handling, seamanship, pilotage and navigation skills up to the standards required to drive a planing powerboat safely by day in all coastal waters and by night in coastal waters with which you are familiar.

Previous Knowledge / Experience:

To qualify for a place on  the Advanced Powerboat Course participants must hold the Irish Sailing National Powerboat Certificate or an equivalent certificate and 20 hours driving experience following qualification.

​Participants must hold the  Irish Sailing Coastal Navigation for Small Boats Certificate or another navigation qualification of a higher standard. 

The Advanced Powerboat course trains participants to undertake longer passages and passages at night, it is also strongly recommended that at least one member of a powerboat’s crew should hold a first aid certificate and the Short Range Certificate (VHF).

Duration: 2 Days (Including a night passage on Day 1)     

NEXT COURSE : 25th – 26th March, 2024

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